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Consult the Adaptation Support Desk

The Adaptation Support Desk is designed to support Network members in their engagement in adaptation processes.

You can contact the Adaptation Support Desk with a specific adaptation related query, and we will assist you drawing on the network of the members and associates. In this process, we might provide information and links to relevant information or put you in touch with resource persons from the spheres of policy, academia and adaptation practice.

This service is available to all Adaptation Network members. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your query via email:

Please note.
While we do our best to answer your queries comprehensively, please allow 7 working days for a response. While the Adaptation Support Desk is aiming at providing valuable information, it remains your responsibility to verify the information received and to adapt it to the specific context. The Adaptation Support Desk does not take responsibility for any consequences or actions resulting form the information provided.

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Before placing a query, you can explore the following online resources:

If you have any favourite web based resources that are not listed here, please send the URL to us and we will post it on the site.