Green Roof Pilot Project

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: The Environmental Management Department, eThekwini Municipality, Green Roof Designs, Horticultural Services and Ecosystem Management
Project Objective/ Description: The main objective of the Green Roof Pilot Project is to develop a blueprint for green roof construction for the city of Durban. The pilot study is being conducted on a municipal owned building in the city centre.

This pilot project will determine the best growing medium for green roofs, ensuring that the medium is light and has the optimum organic content and the plant species that can handle the harsh rooftop conditions. Green roof materials are being sourced locally and being developed specifically for the project. Scientific analyses are being conducted on the pilot green roof to quantify the benefits of these roofs.

It is hoped that through the development of a ‘green roof toolkit’, that green roofs can be installed across the city on municipal owned buildings and then eventually onto private buildings as the example that the municipality has set will be taken heed of by the private sector.

Location: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal