Skeppies Building Resilience to Climate Change

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: Conservation South Africa and the Climate Action Partnership
Project Objective/ Description: This programme works with 10 small environmental enterprises and/or community-based conservation projects across the Northern Cape. The projects monitor local weather patterns, participate in regular climate change related workshops and training and knowledge sharing sessions, and work with local experts to develop sound business plans that ensure social, economic, and environmental benefits for the project implementers, their communities, and natural resources. The intention of the programme is to build resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change in the participating projects.Participating projects are diverse including a hiking trail in Onseepgans, a bird park in Port Nolloth, an Eco-School in Garies, and several Kookskerms (traditional Nama catering companies) in the Kamiesberg area.
Location: Northern Cape, South Africa
Contact: Amanda Bourne,