Community-Based Adaptation in Africa (CBAA)

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: Indigo development and change,  IIED UK, SEI Oxford, BCAS, Bangladesh, University of Khartoum Sudan, ACTS Kenya,  EPMS Tanzania, DENIVA Uganda, CURE, Malawi,  EECZ Zambia, ZERO Zimbabwe, and SSN-Africa South Africa.
Project Objective/ Description: This project proposes to create greater awareness about climate change in 8 African countries. It will do this through testing a methodology which specifically targets groups most vulnerable to climate change. Particular consideration will be given to women, who are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Participatory and consultative approaches will be adopted and a learning-by-doing approach applied to reduce vulnerability to climate change at the community level.The project will identify ways of communicating climate information to poor and vulnerable communities, and from communities to other stakeholders. Capacity building and support will be given to NGOs and communities through training to facilitate integration of climate change into their plans and activities. The project will generate information on community based climate change adaptation; disseminate these to inform other stakeholders including researchers, NGOs, national and international policy and decision makers etc.
Location: South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan