Community Adaptation Programme

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: The Environmental Management Department, eThekwini Municipality and Golder Associates
Project Objective/ Description: The main objective of the project is to assist communities in coping with changes in food security (particularly from traditional crops) as a result of changing environmental conditions due to climate change.The project is centred on testing the growth of both traditional and alternative/ replacement crops in four community locations.The first part of this study is to ascertain the yields of the traditional and replacement crops, and the inputs necessary for their success. The second part will be to test the social acceptability of the replacement crops to community members, with a ‘cook-off’ being organized to explore ways to cook the crops and also to determine if community members will eat the goods produced.
Location: Four community sites: Ntuzuma, Ntshongweni, Jozini (Makhathin Flats) and Richards Bay (OSCAR)