Welcome to the Adaptation Network


The Adaptation Network was founded in 2009 to establish a creative platform for sharing of experiences, practical approaches and frameworks relating to climate change adaptation. The Network has members from Civil Society, Government, Parastatals, Academia and Business.

The Network is hosted by two civil society organisations: Indigo Development & Change and The Environmental Monitoring Group. The secretariat is guided by a Steering Committee which is elected annually at the annual general meetings.

Membership is open to all subscribing to the values of the network and working in the field of adaptation.

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Our Vision

A resilient South Africa for all!

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Our Mission


  1. Be an open forum for sharing resources, knowledge and ideas and promoting the integration of different kinds of knowledge
  2. Provide a space to grow partnerships and support one another
  3. Be a recognised point of contact for consultation, lobbying and advocacy
  4. Enable members to lobby government at all levels to improve delivery through a focus on finding common ground (and not seeking joint positions on all issues)
  5. Provide co-ordination to encourage alignment and connectivity
  6. Provide a platform for promoting collective positions
  7. Assist members to promote awareness through education, shared information and shared platforms
  8. Highlight what is already happening in terms of education and communication
  9. Provide a central point for sharing information
  10. Improve delivery by promoting better planning and evaluation
  11. Promote activities that build the capacity of communities to innovate and adapt
  12. Paint a positive picture, and communicate a message of hope to communities that we’re up for the challenge.
  13. Work collaboratively with government at all levels, and other partners, so as to support the formulation and implementation of adaptation policies and programs

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Quick Facts

Established in: 2009
Aims to: Provide a platform for knowledge and information sharing
Secretariat hosted by: Indigo development & change, with support from the Environmental Monitoring Group
Steering Committee 2012/2013:

  1. Sandile Ndawonde (Green Network)
  2. Mandy Barnett (SANBI NIE)
  3. Noel Oettle (Environmental Monitoring Group)
  4. Katinka Waagsaether (Indigo development & change)
  5. Vhalinavho Khavhagali (Department of Environmental Affairs)
  6. Sarshen Marais (Conservation South Africa)

Associate members: 140
Formal organisational members: 14
Formal individual members: 11

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